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CCA Get-together Saturday Feb 3rd is going ahead as planned.

If raining we will move inside. Hope to see you there.


January 2018 CCA News


'Chilli January 2018: Hot News from the Tweed' has been published. See Newsletter tab to download pdf.


The Chillingham Community Association (CCA) supports the broader Chillingham community both directly, through activities such as the Chillingham Market and indirectly through representation to various local organisations.  The CCA budget is modest with most of the revenue coming from the work done by a small but dedicated group of volunteers who run the Market Food Stall, Jam Stall and the Community Garden.


The Food Stall at the November Market was very successfully run by the Murwillumbah Scouts giving them some useful funds.  In the light of this and other occasions when friends of the Chillingham School have run the Food Stall, the CCA has resolved to offer the Market Food Stall, for some of the 2018 Markets, to other local organisations. 


In December the CCA gave its annual sponsorship to the Chillingham School Citizenship Award.  This is a $50 prize given with the School’s annual award. 


Also in December the CCA received $1,250 from ITV to support the CCA Community Garden.  ITV offers community sponsorships in gratitude for their use of locations within the Tweed Shire for filming:  I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.


Getting Together


The CCA is throwing a 2018 Get Together at 6pm on the evening of Saturday February 3rd.  The event coincides with 2018 back to school and is also the 9th anniversary of the Chillingham Market. It will be a great chance to catch up on everyone’s summer adventures.  The CCA will provide sausages and bread plus ice cream for kids and video entertainment.  Please bring along contributions of salad and/or dessert and your own drinks.  This evening is open to all, so if you haven’t met the CCA community before do come.


October CCA News

In August the Chillingham Community Association (CCA) held its Annual General Meeting with a new executive elected for 2017-2018.  They are:


President:                                                    Liz Harmon

Vice-president:                                           Wendy Henderson

Secretary and Public Officer:                     Peter Liston

Treasurer:                                                   Grahame Cover

Financial Controller/ Assistant Treasurer: Judy White

Jam Stall Coordinator:                               Rowie Oldham

Garden Coordinator:                                  Claire Masters


A big thank-you to departing executive members, Maggie Morrison, Ed Dryhurst & Lou Stuart.  Goodness knows how we will get on without them.  You will see the Treasurer’s position is now shared by Grahame and Judy, thus proving that Lou had been doing the job of two people.


A warm welcome and many thanks to the new and continuing members of the executive.  We are working on a new approach to CCA budgeting, allowing the various Garden, Grounds and Jam Stall coordinators greater independence and flexibility in managing their activities.  This is part of a more general process where the CCA will be looking to link with interested members and third parties to encourage development of new activities.


The CCA operates the Chillingham Community Centre, the Community Garden and the monthly Chillingham Markets.  It also supports several community activities including the Chillingham School, Chillingham Voices Choir and the Wedgetail Community Hospice. 


CCA revenue comes predominantly from member subscriptions, the CCA Food, Jam and Garden market stalls plus occasional external grants.


To keep in touch with what's happening in Chillingham and the CCA, go to the CCA web site where there are pages relating to local events, CCA News and Chilli which of course you are now reading


Chilli is the CCA Quarterly publication produced by Jenni Cover.  You can receive it via email by sending a subscription request to Back copies can be downloaded from the web site. 


Jenni is always on the lookout for community interest stories to go into Chilli.  Contact her via if you have material or ideas for a story.


Apart from all this, may it rain soon  …but not too much.


Liz and Grahame


October 5th 2017: Chilli October: Hot news from the Tweed has been published - see Newsletter tab.

July 7th 2017: Chilli July: Hot news from the Tweed has been published - see Newsletter tab.

April CCA News


Our big news is of course the recent flood. Many in our local community have been badly affected through loss or damage. Probably most of us have been affected in some way or other Our hearts go out to all those in this situation in the local community and wider afield. In terms of the Community Centre itself, we got off relatively lightly. The Rous River swept through the grounds but not through the main building. It did sweep through the mower shed and submerge our ride-on mower. This has since been rehabilitated thanks to Ed. The community veggie garden also sustained quite a bit of damage which the garden volunteers are already restoring.


We had a market scheduled for just after the flood but we cancelled this as inappropriate in the circumstances. Instead we invited everyone to a free sausage sizzle as an opportunity to catch up with people and a venue to provide information to flood victims. Quite a few people found time to drop in. Also present were members of the SES, our local firies and NSW fire and rescue members. Some of these latter had come from as far as Sydney to assist with disaster relief, so a big thanks to all of these.


The Community Association resolved to make significant donations to the mayor's relief fund and to Tweed Palliative Care. The latter is a worthy charity in its own right but also had its South Murwillumbah shop flooded.


One of the more badly affected premises in Chillingham was the pre-school which has been inundated a number of times over the past two decades. After the flood  pre-school staff approached the Community Association to discuss options to retain the pre-school in the village but reducing its flood risk. The option of relocating the pre-school to the grounds of the Community Association was raised and the Association has provided a letter of support for this idea. It seems both the Association and the pre-school could benefit from co-location. Of course this idea is in its infancy and detailed planning and financial consideration would occur before it proceeded.


Looking beyond the floods, our monthly market is a continuing success. It provides a regular meeting place to catch up with friends, and also the funds needed to run the place like insurance, power and telephone bills. Thanks to all the volunteers who donate time to run the market, cook and serve food. And we always welcome new volunteers on these market days; we find it a great time to catch up too. A regular part of our our markets is our Community Association jam stall. This now has a wide range of jams, chutneys and relishes all made by our volunteers. These products have acquired quite a reputation with lots of repeat purchases. Rowena is our jam coordinator and the stall income, and the range of products has really grown under her guidance.


On a more sombre note we have recently had a break in at the Centre. Of course we don't keep money or other valuables there but it cost a bit to restore the damage and put new locks on doors. Its a shame we have a few less community minded souls in our midst.


A reminder of the office holders in the Community Association; our president is Liz Harmon, vice president is Maggie Morrison, secretary is Ed Dryhurst and Treasurer is Lou Stuart.


Peter Liston

Public Officer

April 24th 2017: April Chilli: hot news from the Tweed has been published. See Newsletter tab.

April 2017: To support the local community after the devastating flood on March 30th, the Chillingham market on Sunday April 9th will be replaced by a free sausage sizzle, cuppa and cake.


January 2017:

The first edition of 'Chilli: hot news from the Tweed' published. See Newsletter tab for the full pdf version of Chilli - January 2017.

December 10th 2016

The CCA Christmas party at the Chillingham Community Centre was the best ever. Lots of children, wonderful atmosphere. Santa arrived in a mini-moke and distributed gifts to all the 'good' children. Great fun and delicious food - even a movie. Make sure you come next year.

November 5th 2016

Chillingham Community Association AGM was held 2pm 

September 25th 2016: Chillingham Voices NZ Tour Raffle drawn at their 'Taking Off 2' concert


  • 1st Prize: D Zipf, Palm Beach
  • 2nd Prize: R Kraemar, Duranbah
  • 3rd Prize: Lou n Ed, Chillingham
  • 4th Prize: Mary, Golf Club Murwillumbah
  • 5th Prize: B Lapham, Elanora
  • 6th Prize: G Fergus, Urliup
  • 7th Prize: B Firth, Murwillumbah
  • 8th Prize:  D Ryan, Palm Beach
  • 9th Prize: Dan, Natural Bridge

September 1st 2016: New chairs purchased for the Community Centre.

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